Regardless of what your business does, there’s a strong chance that you’ll be in need of some storage at some point. You might relocate premises, downsize or upscale operations, or pivot what you do.

As a business, Kerr’s Removals have been assisting local businesses in the Edinburgh area (and across the UK) with storage space and moving premises for over forty years. Hiring experts to help make the process seamless will always give you peace of mind. From packing valuables to storing items securely, we’re flexible with fitting around what your business needs and when. We provide a detailed moving or storage plan because we believe it’s important to be as organised as you need us to be!

We appreciate that financing storage space for your business can be a big investment. But it’s also vital to value expertise and quality, and using experienced movers will always save you money in the long run.

When it comes to storage space for businesses, many might not know why they would need to invest. There are many reasons as to why you might need storage space for your business, and we’ve listed a few below.

Moving business premises

The main reason that any business would require external storage is changing locations. A business move can be even trickier than a house move because there tends to be much more to shift! From technology and furniture to documents and valuables, and the space you’ll have to house these items won’t necessarily be clear until you arrive at your new premises.

This is where hiring a removals company to handle the relocation for you can be helpful since we can also put these items into storage for a short period of time while you manage other aspects of your move. You can also allow us to take care of packing in addition to the logistics. And you might even decide to change your storage seasonally or annually, in line with your business needs.

Archive storage

For a lot of businesses, they collate items over time, such as paperwork and old stock. Unfortunately, this can create so much clutter, and for things we don’t need to refer to very often. Although many businesses have upgraded to digital files, many still store documentation on site as an emergency back-up. However, how many times have you reached for physical files in the past year or so? If it’s zero, it might be time to archive storage your documents.

A storage unit is perfect because it will give you some much needed space back! And you may even find that it’s space you no longer need to hold onto as a business, which could offer additional cost savings.

As for old stock, unless you‘re planning on having an end-of-line sale soon, storing off site means you can make room for your current stock without getting mixed up or needing extra storage for new items.

Pivoting your business

Following the pandemic, many businesses have decided to shift their business. This could have been a change to the service they provide or products they make, which can leave the dilemma of holding onto old stock that may or may not be used in the future. In this instance, it’s an ideal time to invest in storage space, giving you the flexibility to store away your older products and revisit them at some point.

Refurbishing your building

You might have decided that your current location is ideal for your business, but the building or offices are in need of a little TLC. This is another example of when business storage is ideal for you. Not only will you be able to protect the items instead of decorating them around them and risking damage, you can also declutter and let go of anything that is unnecessary. Also, tradespeople won’t have to move items around in order to refurbish, meaning the job should be completed much quicker! Whether your refurbishment takes a week or a couple of months, Kerr’s can help you out with storing business belongings.

Bulky items

Whilst this doesn’t apply to every business, many will have upgraded machinery or furniture that they no longer need but would prefer not to sell or dispose of. You might have downsized the number of staff working in-house or invested in new technology or machinery. This means you’ll have larger items taking up valuable real estate at your workspace. Moving them into a storage unit gives you the option of having them as spares should you need them later on, and because they’re locked up properly, you won’t need to worry about safety or security.

Whilst moving premises is where we do most of our business, many customers take comfort in investing in storage space for their business for bulkier items. These could be items they won’t need for a while or archiving documents that have now been digitalised. We want you to reclaim your business space back, so if there are items that you no longer need on a daily basis but need to keep within the business, why not send them off-site into a ready-made storage unit that you can schedule to have delivered back to you at any point.

On our website, you can find our estimator tool for a quote, or we can visit you on-site for a more detailed quote. We provide you with all the packing supplies you could possibly need but also offer a full packing service if you can’t take the time off from your business. Enquire today online so we can help your business grow in 2023 and beyond!