Secure storage options

We offer a range of highly secure storage solutions at competitive rates. Protected by 24 hr Red Care security, CCTV, fire and intruder alarm systems, our modern warehouse is insulated and provides the perfect environment for the safe storage of your goods.

Secure Storage

Secure Storage Vaults in Warehouse
Used around the world by professional removal and storage companies, wooden storage vaults guard against condensation and provide a convenient, secure and clean environment for your furniture and effects.

Van and Vault on Street

We offer a high-quality storage service where our purpose designed vehicle arrives at your door with the storage vaults on board.

Our experienced team load the vaults carefully, ensuring all goods are secure and all fabrics and surfaces are protected for transit.

Team loading goods into vault
Vault Inventory

Every item removed is allocated a number and recorded in a detailed inventory.A security seal is then applied to the door and a copy of the inventory is provided to you.

On arrival at our warehouse, all paperwork is double checked and the storage vault is carefully transferred from the vehicle by forklift to its designated bay.

Transferring Vault to Warehouse
Padlocked, sealed and labelled vault in warehouse

All our vaults are built to the highest quality and are all fitted with door fasteners ideal for applying a security seal or padlock. The vault remains sealed until you require access or delivery from storage.


Operating in the city since 1975, we have completed thousands of moves, establishing ourselves as one of the city’s leading removals and storage firms.


Deliver Direct

If you have your own transport you can choose to deliver direct to our warehouse. Simply reverse up to your personal storage vault and unload your furniture and effects directly from your vehicle.

From £1 per day


Storage from only £10 plus vat per week

Here at Kerr’s our storage is significantly cheaper than traditional self-storage. Get in touch today to discuss your specific needs.

Vault dimensions:

250 cubic feet – 7’3” x 7” x 5”
7.12 cubic metres – 1.52m wide x 2.13m long x 2.20m high
35 square feet – 3.25 square metres

From £100+ VAT

Declutter Service

Cardboard Boxes x 30
Large Sheets of Paper
Packaging Tape
All Delivered & Collected

Make your home more attractive to potential buyers and create a more spacious appearance. We now offer a decluttering service, for only £120 plus vat we can deliver 30 cardboard boxes, large sheets of paper and packaging tape.

When you are packed and ready our removal team will uplift all requested items from your house directly into one of our storage vaults and store from only £10 + vat per vault per week. T&Cs apply.

When you are ready we can arrange delivery anywhere or you can collect from us.


1. Create more space

Free up the space in your home and relax in the knowledge that your belongings are held in our secure warehouse.

2. Easier to tidy for viewings

Short-term storage is a great solution for home viewings. We can even supply you with your own personal storage vault.

3. Speedier House Sale

Tidying away your belongings is key to securing a quick sale and getting the best possible price for your property.

4. Simplified Moving Day

Pre-packing smaller items and storing them can reduce the stress of move day and allow us to focus on larger items.

Packaging Materials

Kerr's Packaging Materials

We offer a range of high-quality packaging and protective materials to ensure your items are protected whilst in storage and arrive safely at your new home.

Strong boxes, white paper, packing tape, bubble wrap, wardrobe boxes, mattress protectors and sofa covers can all be delivered in advance of moving day.