Protectings our staff and customers is of the utmost importance to us, we’re making a few changes to how we work to limit the spread of Covid-19, these include:

⦁ Asking staff each day if they’ve come into contact with anyone who may be showing symptoms
⦁ Staggered crew starting and finishing times
⦁ Maintaining fixed crew pairings
⦁ No more than 2 staff to travel in the cab of the vehicle at any one-time, with open windows when possible; other crew members will travel separately
⦁ Provision of PPE (including sanitiser) for all staff
⦁ Reminding staff of best hygiene practices and the need for social distancing
⦁ Vehicle cabs (frequent cleaning of the steering wheel, dashboard, seats and door handles etc.) and load areas, together with all equipment will be deep cleaned daily
⦁ Asking team members to supply their own food and drink

If you have any questions about anything – on this page or otherwise – please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Before your move

In normal times we prefer to visit our customers before moving to provide an accurate quotation, unfortunately for the foreseeable future, this may not always be possible. We’ll look to use video surveys wherever possible, we’re platform agnostic and can use e-mailed videos, WhatsApp, Facetime, Zoom, Skype, etc. If you’re selling your current property, the online listing might be sufficient for us to provide a quote.
We’re also launching our new website soon, this will have a great new online quote feature.

If we do visit, we’d ask that:

⦁ Any customer that is in a high-risk category should not be present on site
⦁ Customer to wear facemask during the survey visit
⦁ Request that no pets are free to roam around the house during that visit
⦁ Social distancing measures (2m apart) should always be maintained
⦁ Surveyor to carry facemask and hand sanitisier

On moving day

If you’ve moved before, then moving day might be a little different than you’re used to, we’ve listed some tips and general guidance below.

⦁ Confirm prior to the move that you’re not showing symptoms, or have recently been in contact with anyone who is.
⦁ Any customer considered to be in a high-risk category should not be on-site and a representative may need to be appointed in their place
⦁ One family member only to be in attendance at the premises during the move and the 2m social distance to be maintained at all times
⦁ The customer should a wear facemask/visor during the removal process
⦁ Deep clean your home and their goods and effects in preparation for the move
⦁ Request that no pets are free to roam around the house during the move
⦁ No other tradespeople to be in the property(s) during the move process
⦁ Windows should be opened to maximise ventilation
⦁ The customer should dismantle and re-assemble furniture items wherever possible
⦁ During the move, although it will be inevitable that the crew cannot socially distance from each other, the customer must always maintain the 2m spacing from the crew